Interior rooms

In public buildings, offices, banks, hotels, catering, shopping centres we are exposed each day to unpleasant smells of different sources due to jam-packednes, mixture of smell effects, inadequate ventilation in restaurants, shopping centres or in other closed rooms.

For treatment of unpleasant smells some kind of cover odour is often used, which keeps down the foul smell, despite of this mixed odour can be smelt.

The products marketed by Professional Média Ltd. neutralize and kill the smell due to the positive ions of the products.

These negative particles are killed by positive particles by Biothys product in the air and the smell will be killed and neutralized and fresh air will be ensured.

We are offering effective solutions for treatment ? control of smell produced in course of treatment of air coming from the building or kitchen, fitness rooms, sports establishments.

For control and disposal of smell arising upon operation and maintenance of buildings, a wide range of products ? tailor-made solutions are offered to our Customers by our Company - Professional Média Ltd.
Our process using smell killing gel plates have long-lasting effects and represent a technology which can be applied in a wide range of activity and of which smells of different sources can very effectively be treated (e.g..: water supply units, jam-packedness, smoking, kitchen, waste waters, catering, rubbish, etc.) which significantly decrease both the serviceability and commercial value of building sections and are unpleasant for people living therein.

The sublimate active agent escaping from gel plates continuously and equally, is capable of effectively moderate smells. These gel plates are fitted in aeration gaps, venting pipes, supply fans or only in indoor air ducts of re-circulation fans via accessory inserts. Besides the effects of smell-killing the agent can also be combined with scenting containing different flavours the mild, however characteristic odour of which, will be felt in each treated room following the disposal of unpleasant smells.

By using small amounts of granulated smell-killing substances placed into the bins and containers (1,1 and 4,4 m3) used for collection of solid wastes following their emptying, the unpleasant smell of the containers, bins and the wastes stored therein in bulk, will already be ceased after a few treatments.

Besides, the product can also effectively be used as air refreshing medium in poorly ventilated, moist and musty air in rooms and basements, etc.

- When cleaning up contaminated inner and outer claddings (e.g.: stare cases, passages, dining rooms, conference rooms, market places, shopping centres, hospitals, sport establishement, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, storage rooms for dust bins, etc.) remaining smells can often not be fully disposed and killed even by using strong oxidants.

Using our mop-up fluid, this problem can be solved with guaranted results and cost-effectively due to the high extent of dilution.

The fluid can also be used in cleaning machines. When desinfection and smell killing and disposal shall be carried out at the same time, then the mop-up fluid added to the solution of disinfecting agent before using, will even moderate (soften) the smell of the disinfecting agent.

Our concentrated agent can effectively be used for smell disposal in waste water drain pipe mains, gulleys of bathrooms, channel systems which can directly be used for smell disposal at the smell sources or in not accessible places such as pipeline systems, channel mains by treating the media flowing therein.

When sprayed onto walls and skirting boards, our special ? highly effective smell killer liquid having remaining effect is excellently suitable for treatment ? disposal of smells, etc. produced in the processes of decay and/or combustion of e. g. organic substances and hydro-carbons, animal and vegetable fats as well as following water flooding ? fire extinguishing.