Waste Management

Wastes arising from settlements and other sources mean considerable source of smell because of the content high organic matters another components.

We should reckon with smell effects in the course of collection of waste, its storage, disposal, processing, and in the course of composting, which plays more and more important role in field of waste management.

Wide ranging products are developed by Professional Média Ltd., activity of which concerns killing of smell the domestic household waste bins, waste disposal and water leakage. By using small amounts of granulated smell-killing substances placed into the bins and containers (1,1 and 4,4 m 3 ) used for collection of solid wastes following their emptying, the unpleasant smell of the containers, bins and the wastes stored therein in bulk, will already be ceased after a few treatments.

At buildings with pit type waste chute where the smells are carried to the upper storeys, due to the chimney draught, the smell-killing substance placed in the corners of rooms for storing the waste bins and containers effectively disposes, neutralizes and kills the unpleasant smells.

The powerful, strong smells arising upon collection of household waste in containers can be felt immediately nearby the vehicle, which collects the waste. These smells become more and more stronger while the vehicle arrive in the waste dump, where smell effects mean serious problems as they can be smelled from distance of many kilometers. Active substance is offered for solution of this problem.

This solution includes such a process, by which the control and disposal of smell can already be started in course of emptying the waste into the truck, therefore, the smell effect can already been handled and reduced considerablly when the waste is emptied on the waste dump.

This process reduces the smell effect in extent of (70-90%) when the wastes from dustbins and containers are placed on the truck.

- Treatment of smell effects is solved even following disposal of waste in the dump. Different solutions are offered for treatment of problems and for particular new offer has been developed in consideration of the shape, size and other parameters of the dump.

- We can offer very practicle and tailor-made process for control and treatment of unpleasant smell arising upon fermentation in the course of composting wastes arising in- production and during the public service.

Our product can reduce the strong smell of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan origin as well before the structuring and loosening materials are added (straw, sawdust) to materials for compost.

Advantageous conditions are created by interaction helped by slow convection stream in the inner side of compost pile.

Besides our product for neutralizing the smell our product can be supplemented by substance accelerating decomposition.

By acceleration of decomposition the usual composting time is reduced by 15-20%.

- For treatment of gases escaping on the turning over the prismatic compost-making machines our watered filtering process is offered.

The intensive smells escaping in the course of fermentation and decomposition can also be treated with excellent result.

By way of treatment considerable reduction in smell can be reached

(70-85 %) and due to the lower vapour content the working conditions will impove and corrosion damaging the buildings and units will reduce.

Smell effects escaping from compost in the prismatic compost making machines evenly but with small intensity, can be controlled and handled efficiently, by spraying regularly the contaminated roads, claddings and other surfaces round the plants from mud pump truck.

Spraying the active substances on large surface around the source of smell can be an effective and simple supplementation to the abovementioned process as mixing with the smelly gases take place more and more homogeneous manner independently from direction of wind and leaving the site.

Efficiency of traditional and of organic biofilters can be increased considerably by new process of Biothys, which is the combinated application of the product by the filling material of biofilter.

This procedure is especially effective for treatment of sulphuric (mercaptans, H2S), and gases containing nitrogen and fatty acids.

The mixed granules or just spread on the filling on one occassion controls the smell very effectively due to effective substance evaporating evenly.

The product can be combined with any kind of organic filling used in the usual biofilters or other units (cortex in pieces, root, peat, sawdust), peat or with filling of mineral material (zeolit).

This procedure is cost-effective and can be performed simply and no need reconstructuring the existing unit.

Our mop-up fluid which can be combined with disinfectants is excellent for flush of waste bins, containers for collection of waste, and vehicles carrying the waste.

When cleaning up contaminated inner and outer claddings (e.g.: stare cases, passages, dining rooms, warehouses, storage rooms for dust bins, etc.) remaining smells can often not be fully disposed and killed even by using strong oxidants. Using our mop-up fluid, this problem can be solved with guaranted results and cost-effectively due to the high extent of dilution.

Our concentrated agent can effectively be used for smell disposal in waste water drain pipe mains, gulleys of bathrooms, channel systems which can directly be used for smell disposal at the smell sources or in not accessible places such as pipeline systems, channel mains by treating the media flowing therein.

When sprayed onto walls and skirting boards, our special & highly effective smell killer liquid having remaining effect is excellently suitable for treatment &  disposal of smells, etc. produced in the processes of decay and/or combustion of e. g. organic substances and hydro-carbons, animal and vegetable fats as well as following water flooding & fire extinguishing.