Light and heavy industry

For control and disposal of smell arising upon operation of closed inner places of industrial sites, and from factories from the extraction or ventilation systems, chimneys, a wide range of products ? tailor-made solutions are offered to our Customers by our Company - Professional Média Ltd.

The protective distance prescribed because of smell effects of the industrial sites and factories can be reduced, and the working conditions can be improved and the adaptation of population can be increased.

Waste, arising upon the operation of industrial sites produce considerable source of smell because of the components.

We should reckon with smell effects in the course of collection of waste, its storage, disposal, processing, and composting playing more and more important role in the environmental protection.

Professional Média Ltd. has developed wide ranging solution for disposal and killing of smell arising upon operation on industrial sites.

Our description in detail regarding sewage water treatment can be found at section Sewage Water Treatment.
For control and disposal of smell arising upon operation of different industrial activity efficient and cost-effective solutions are developed and offered to our Customers by our Company, Professional Média Ltd.

Industrial chimneys are therefore one of the most significant factors for the emission and dispersion of pollution on such sites and in their vicinity and mean considerable burden.

For disposal and killing the smell of gaseous effluents by factories and industrial sites different and specific solutions are adapted and offered

These procedures gives us optimal exchange surfaces and contact between the active condensed phases and the gaseous phases.

Our technology developed by our Company can be applied in each position independently from the quantities discharged. (from some thousands m3/h till 250 000 m3/h), from speed temperature, moisture content, chemical features, of gas escaping from chimney, and so on.

For treatment of unpleasants effluents produced by industry in many cases gas-washers are used. By this technique the contaminated materials are removed, however the unpleasant smells remain, which have influence on site and its vicinity.

During our process the active agent is mixed fully with the washing fluid by pump and has the required effect.
The active substance can be applied independently of temperature and chemical reaction.

The optimal exchange surfaces and contact time between the active condensed phases and the gaseous phases ensure the effective solution of the problem.

Huge storage tanks are also the source of unpleasant smells in many cases. Smell effect can occure on extraction of gas during filling the tanks, on rising temperature, or just on evaporating of the stored gas. The unpleasant gases go into the air through ventilation shafts.

Our technology provides solution for gas effluents of ventilation shafts and smaller chimneys (<800m3/h). In the course of process the unpleasant smells contact the exchange surface impregnated by diluted substance.
Our process is offered mainly and expressively for storage tanks for sewage sludge and petroleum, and bitumen.

Our description in relation to this subject is being supplemented.